hyte!!! wlkom to ma lubly damn world! haha.. nothing much..but wut i rili2 noe..i rili2 lub the sibling damn2 much lol.. wit out them i felt empty! siyesly lol..its comes from bottom of ma heart! they are ma life..and ma everythings! wit out them i NOTHING! hahaha... guys! pls..believe me..u`ols r ma everything now either ma family must come 1st la kan!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

new year countdown

last nite we ols ada lepak2 wit ols ma
:n: siblings! heheh...
but got a few:95::97::93: tade...rili :face29:but its oke..
coz we av :100: comer last nite!

we `ols borak2 until mid nite and accompany by the :63::63::63: and also the :131:...

lastly we kanot make a decision where shut we go for tiz coming :100: year L:21:L:x:
rili sad:x::face59:..

but its oke guys!
coz we`ll count the time in FACEBOOK:x:

oke guys!
:w::t::w::67::n::h::33::face2: u`ols:x:


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