hyte!!! wlkom to ma lubly damn world! haha.. nothing much..but wut i rili2 noe..i rili2 lub the sibling damn2 much lol.. wit out them i felt empty! siyesly lol..its comes from bottom of ma heart! they are ma life..and ma everythings! wit out them i NOTHING! hahaha... guys! pls..believe me..u`ols r ma everything now either ma family must come 1st la kan!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, December 27, 2010

weekend stories♥♥

hyep2.. usual la..biler time weekend jer..msti byk sgt program cik rose ni..
mula2 engat mmg tade program coz cik qiela saya was bz dat time..
uper2 nye tidak lol..
i av been invited by miss dea for theater
the title is:v:

**plakon2 SDAF**

the theater was rili2 fun
siyesly, the theater make me want laugh all the
thumbs up to the director,actors, and also the children who had preform a gud job:q:

afta d SDAF theater, we sume kuar then tgk..lots of ppl ques mcm:102: coz nk amek sign + pitcha wit LJ,Johan and
but we kanot wait lol...coz p.tham wanna go home....

then ilya, daughter SDAF bring us to c her mama at VVIP
pls take a look a pitcha:face19:

**aminah rhapor was wearing the red jacket! and tiz pitcha was capture by che kem @ ank ulat

afta dat, when miss dea g beli merchandise, kitrg pon amek la pitcha nan wife JOHAN...then dia tnya "u`ols dpt x amek pitcha nan johan?" then we said..."nope, coz av lots of ppl beratur" then she said, korg g uols g tggu kt blkg t sya bwak johan kuar jumpa korg
waaaaaaaaa.....sporting gilak la husbnd + wife
me,,, aunty

mmg sronok sgt2..
hope gaji kluar awl..then leh g tgk


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  1. haaa...nak p g sekali tue...bwk i sekali...da r ritu kena tggl...ishhhhh...sakit jiwa da nie...tak aci tol.....